Cyber Security

Protect ALL of your data from damage and theft- from sensitive to governmental. From personal identifiable information to individual devices, programs to entire systems and networks.

While most organisations are now using IT for daily tasks and management of data & processes- thereby significantly increasing productivity, ensuring continuity and cutting losses due to human error and inefficiency- it comes with its own set of problems and risks.

As the world gets more and more technologically adept, it exponentially increases the number of threats that compromise the business’s digital platform. We are proficient in not just detecting and managing these security risks, but also preventing them.


We provide services to implement cybersecurity requirements according to the international ISO/SAE 21434 standard and effective application of UNECE guidelines.

bulletpoints Cyber security Engineering

bulletpoints Cyber Security Management System (UNECE R.155)

bulletpoints Software Update Management System (UNECE R.156)

bulletpoints Implementation support

bulletpoints Security design

bulletpoints Secure V2X communications