Data Science & Mining

Identify hidden patterns in large data sets and construct the means for extracting business-focused insights. Make smarter and more informed data-driven decisions.

As data is power in this digital information era, it is of vital importance to collect, organise and understand that data in order to use it to your best advantage. According to International Data Corporation (IDC)’s research, data-leading organizations see measurable business outcomes.

We aim to give you the most effective solutions- from capturing and storing huge mines of both structured and unstructured data to sifting through chaotic or repetitive noises in it to discovering anomalies, trends, patterns and correlations through examination of said data. Our goal is to make data as effectively usable as is possible.


bulletpoints Web Data Extraction/ Collection

bulletpoints Data Cleaning and Validation

bulletpoints Data Integration & Storage

bulletpoints Initial Data Investigation

bulletpoints Exploratory data analysis

bulletpoints Data Classification

bulletpoints Prediction, time-series analysis, association, clustering, summarisation

bulletpoints User Behaviour

bulletpoints User preferences

bulletpoints Vehicle Health Statistics