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Who We Are

Innovation Employed, Excellence Delivered.

We provide software solutions. We are in the business of providing IT consulting, custom software development and other expert IT services and from what our customers say, we're quite good at it.

What sets us apart is our deep-rooted belief that it is our duty, nay privilege, to help make our client’s dreams and ambitions for their business a reality. Which is why we will be there, to help at every step of your IT and software journey, with our technical prowess at hand.

We are currently also in the process of developing software products, because we see some problems that we believe our highly skilled, experienced, motivated and ever- expanding team with a thirst for diverse knowledge can effectively solve.

Our History +

System Engineering

Design, integrate and manage complex systems over life cycles. Ensure that all likely aspects of your project are considered and integrated so they work in complete synergy.

Cyber Security

Protect ALL of your data from damage and theft- from sensitive to governmental. From personal identifiable information to individual devices, programs to entire systems and networks.

Data Analytics & Mining

Identify hidden patterns in large data sets and construct the means for extracting business-focused insights. Make smarter and more informed data-driven decisions.

Cloud Computing

Transform your IT environments through extremely effective and highly reliable cloud computing services. Decrease costs and resource requirements, increase productivity- see a distinctive increase in your Return on Investment.
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Our Services

Clarity. Caliber. Commitment.

Our team, their expertise, experience and excellence is unsurpassed and only getting stronger by the day. Some of our core competencies include
Our Products

Software. Spunk. Solutions.

Taking our allegiance to technology and building things from scratch and using it to solve problems close to our hearts. We are proudly tech savvy and are using it in.

Contract Management System
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Offers a robust Contract Management System that is designed to streamline your organization’s governance, security, and compliance requirements.
Affective Computing
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Bettering lives by tapping into the power of human emotions and experiences. One Artificial Intelligence tool at a time.
Our Offices

Two locations - One global team

Our Headquaters

Wolfsburg, Germany

Our Branch Location

Hyderbad, India

Our Careers

Work with us

Don’t just find your next job, build a career. At Krian, we believe in passion, ideas, challenges,spirit, hard work and trust. Let’s dream, learn, work, grow and celebrate- together.